Clamp Mounting Systems for the Truck Cap & Lid Industry

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About Us

About GCI

Established in 1990, our mission is to develop and manufacture clamp mounting systems "Stronger by Design" for the Truck Cap and Lid Industry.

As the original developer of the G-1 Universal Clamp and the G-51 High Strength Nylon Fiber Clamp we pride ourselves in anticipating and exceeding industry needs.

GCI, Inc. continues to meet the challenges of mounting systems design requirements; introduced by both Truck Manufacturers and Cap & Lid Manufacturers. Our clamps are manufactured with structural aluminum to ensure quality and strength. GCI, Inc. clamps are engineered for your application to be "Stronger by Design" which is expected in today's unique and rigorous applications.

See Our Products

What Sets Us Apart

  • 1. Product Information

    We strive to provide thorough information relating to our product line so you know what to expect from each carefully engineered clamp.

  • 2. Long-Lasting Reputation

    With over 25 years of experience in the truck cap and lid clamp industry, our long-lasting reputation is built on quality products and customer service.

  • 3. Proprietary Clamp Design

    Our cap and lid clamps can be engineered to fit your proprietary design so they are custom tailored to fit your product.

  • 4. Personable Customer Service

    The customer experience is the cornerstone of great customer service, and our personable staff is proudly rooted in serving your every need.

  • 5. Same Day Shipping

    Need a quick turnaround? Our quick, experienced fulfillment team will be sure to get your order out the same day.

  • What Sets GCI Apart